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Portuguese Wines

Welcome to Lisbon Wines & Liquors – your go-to spot for the finest Portuguese wines. Looking for the best wine brands? You're in the right place! We bring you a handpicked selection, including limited edition wines that are hard to resist. This is your Portugal Wine Shop for great value wines. Explore our collection, buy Portuguese wines online, and savor the essence of Portugal in every sip. Let's make your wine journey memorable!

Wine Regions 

Embark on a journey through Portugal's enchanting wine regions with Lisbon Wines & Liquors. From the sun-kissed vineyards of Douro to the coastal beauty of Vinho Verde, each region tells a unique story in every bottle. Explore the rich diversity of Portuguese wine culture, where centuries-old traditions meet modern craftsmanship. Discover the essence of each region as you sip and savor the flavors of Portugal in every glass.

Grape Varieties

Delve into the heart of Portuguese winemaking with Lisbon Wines & Liquors as we celebrate the nation's treasure trove of native grape varieties. With over 250 distinct grapes, Portugal offers a tapestry of flavors, each telling a unique tale. These grapes are not just varieties; they're a national treasure, cherished by generations of Portuguese wine enthusiasts. Now, we invite the world to explore these exciting and distinctive flavors, waiting to be discovered and savored by wine lovers worldwide. Unearth the best of Portugal's grape varieties with us!



Mainly grown in the Minho (known as Albariño in Spain), this produces crisp, aromatic wines with notes of peach, apple and citrus fruits with a mineral character.

Known as Maria Gomes in Bairrada, this is a versatile grape making crisp, aromatic wines with lowish acidity and floral notes on the palate.

Widely grown in northern and central Portugal producing dry, tangy wines with plenty of citrus fruit on the palate. Also known as Padernã in Vinho Verde region.



The backbone of many Ports this small grape gives a high concentration of color, extract, sweetness, and aroma, which can make it ideal for longer term ageing.

One of the most widely planted varieties, particularly in the south where it is often called Periquita, making fruity, sometimes gamey reds.

Mainly grown in Bairrada but found also in Dão this late-ripening variety can make lean tannic reds. Also used as the base for Portuguese sparkling wines.

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