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Discover the Sparkling Gems of Portugal

Are you a true connoisseur of Portuguese wines? If so, you're in for a sparkling treat! At Lisbon Wines & Liquors, we take immense pleasure in bringing you the finest selection of Portuguese Espumante - a truly enchanting and effervescent delight.

What Makes Portuguese Espumante So Special?

A Tradition Steeped in Excellence: Portugal's winemaking heritage spans centuries, and Espumante holds a special place in its heart. Crafted with passion and precision, these sparkling wines reflect the dedication of generations of vintners.


Unique Terroir, Distinctive Flavors: Portugal's diverse terroir imparts a fascinating array of flavors to its wines. From the coastal regions to the inland valleys, each bottle of Espumante captures the essence of its origin, making it a distinct and delightful experience.

Méthode Traditionnelle: Our Espumante is made using the time-honored "méthode traditionnelle" - the same method used to create Champagne. This traditional approach ensures a refined effervescence and unrivaled quality in every sip.


Our Favorites