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Vinho Verde: A Symphony of Portuguese Elegance

Immerse yourself in the allure of Vinho Verde, one of Portugal's most distinctive regions. Nestled in the mountainous landscapes of northwest continental Portugal, Vinho Verde is a testament to nature's influence. Embrace the cool temperatures, abundant rainfall, and a landscape painted in lush greenery. Spanning approximately 24,000 hectares, this expansive region is a mosaic of small plots, each contributing to the rich tapestry of Vinho Verde.

Explore the nine distinct sub-regions, each offering a unique expression of Vinho Verde. From the singular Monção e Melgaço to the coastal beauty of Ave, savor the diversity in every sip. Monção e Melgaço stands out, protected from direct Atlantic influence, producing fuller-bodied wines. Uncover the grape varieties that define each sub-region, from Alvarinho and Arinto to Borraçal and Vinhão.

White Wines: Crisp, Aromatic, and Refreshing

Dive into the world of Vinho Verde white wines, where freshness and vibrancy take center stage. Experience the crisp acidity and lively fruit flavors of Alvarinho, Arinto, and Loureiro. These young wines, bottled within three to six months, offer an immediate burst of fruitiness. Low in alcohol, they're the perfect accompaniment to local fish and charcuterie.

Red Wines: The Comeback of Red Vinho Verde

Challenge your palate with the resurgence of Red Vinho Verde. Contrary to its name, this wine boasts an inky purple hue, signaling a bold yet light and buoyant character. Embrace the sharp, acid-driven attack that pairs perfectly with fish and indulgent dishes like slow-cooked meats. While only 7% of Vinho Verde is red, it's a gem worth exploring.

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