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Douro: Home of the Port Wine

Step into the enchanting world of Douro Wines, a gem among the most beautiful wine regions globally and rightfully Portugal's best-known. The Douro has become the trailblazer, leading Portugal's premium wine scene with a spirit of innovation and exploration embraced by its winemakers. No longer overshadowed by port production, this region now shines with exciting full-flavored reds and crisp dry whites.

Despite the vast terroir diversity within the Douro Valley, this sparsely populated, hot, and arid region boasts spectacular steep terraced slopes where grapevines thrive. The grapes, including the renowned touriga nacional, touriga franca, tinta roriz, tinta cão, and tinta barroca, are the same ones used in crafting Port wines. Wines from Douro are renowned for their richness, high tannins, and intense flavors. The winemaker's art lies in preserving fruitiness and freshness in the final wine. Join us in exploring the extraordinary wines born from the passion and craftsmanship of the Douro Valley.


Port is a Portuguese fortified wine that is made by adding distilled grape spirit, usually brandy, to a wine base. The addition of the high-alcohol spirit stops fermentation and “fortifies” the wine.

Whites With Soul and Terroir

Discover the hidden treasures of Douro's white wines at Lisbon Wines & Liquors. While the region is renowned for its spectacular reds, our selection of Douro whites is equally captivating and worth your exploration. Immerse yourself in the crisp elegance of these age-worthy whites, a true reflection of the Douro's unique terroir.

What makes these white wines extraordinary is the exclusive use of indigenous grapes, found nowhere else but in Douro. Labeled as Douro Branco, each bottle boasts character, acidity, and minerality that set them apart. As you sip, you'll uncover the rare, special, and unique essence of Douro whites — wines with soul and terroir.

Amidst warm summer days, Douro whites emerge as the perfect choice. Take a journey through the history, region, and people of the Douro Valley with each sip. Elevate your wine experience with these rare gems, available now for your pleasure.

Elegant and Sophisticated Reds 

Embark on a vinous journey through the rugged beauty of the Douro wine region, nestled in the mountainous northeast of Portugal. Vines flourish on steep, terraced hills overlooking the Douro River, yielding grapes for both classic fortified Port wines and an increasingly celebrated collection of Douro table wines.

Comprising three arid subzones, each touched by extreme temperatures and sheltered by adjacent mountains, the Douro region showcases its unique terroir. 

In this diverse landscape, Touriga Francesa, Touriga Nacional, and Tinta Roriz, are the key red grape varieties crafting both exquisite Port and elegant table wines. Douro wines, characterized by their elegance, stand proudly among Portugal's finest reds, echoing the sophistication of Bordeaux's wines. Explore the essence of Douro with our curated selection, available to enhance your wine collection.