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Rota das Naus - Lisbon Wines & Liquors Private Label

Discover the Journey of Taste with Rota das Naus Wines

Introducing Rota das Naus - a testament to Lisbon Wines & Liquors' commitment to excellence. Our private label wines, including the acclaimed Rota das Naus Red Alentejo and the refreshing Rota das Naus Vinho Verde, have garnered immense praise from our loyal customers since their launch. The journey began in 2018 with the Red Alentejo, followed by the exclusive Vinho Verde in the Spring of 2020. Explore these exceptional wines and embark on a voyage of taste with Rota das Naus, only at Lisbon Wines & Liquors.


Rota Das Naus Red Alentejo 2019

Discover the Essence of Portuguese Excellence
Indulge in the allure of Rota Das Naus Red Alentejo 2019, a true masterpiece meticulously crafted by Lisbon Wines & Liquors. This private label wine, with its inaugural release in 2018, quickly became a customer favorite, celebrated for its exceptional qualities.

A Journey of Taste
Rota Das Naus is a captivating ruby gem that beckons with its rich hue. Delight in the tantalizing aromas that dance from the glass, offering a symphony of ripe fruits that are both aromatic and inviting. With a medium body and a gentle touch of acidity, it leaves a delightful aftertaste on the palate.

The Lisbon Wines & Liquors Legacy
Rooted in the heritage of Lisbon Wines & Liquors, Rota Das Naus represents the pinnacle of Portuguese winemaking. Our dedication to quality and excellence shines through in every sip of this remarkable wine.

Elevate Your Experience
Whether you're a connoisseur or just beginning your wine journey, Rota Das Naus Red Alentejo 2019 promises an unforgettable experience. This wine pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes or can be savored on its own, making it perfect for any occasion.

Rota Das Naus White Vinho Verde

Embark on a Journey of Refreshing Elegance
Introducing the exquisite Rota Das Naus White Vinho Verde DOC 2022, a masterpiece crafted exclusively for you by Lisbon Wines & Liquors. As the second addition to the prestigious Rota Das Naus brand, this private label wine encapsulates the essence of our commitment to exceptional quality and taste.

A Symphony of Aromas
Indulge in the vivacious symphony of aromas that define Rota Das Naus Vinho Verde. Immerse your senses in the playful dance of green apple and vibrant citrus notes, creating an exquisite harmony that sets this wine apart from the rest. With its distinguished hints of freshness, every sip becomes an enchanting journey.

A Refreshing Elegance
Discover the unparalleled balance and invigorating taste that characterize Rota Das Naus White Vinho Verde DOC 2022. Whether sipped on its own, elevating your moments, or paired with a light meal, its refreshing demeanor makes it an exceptional choice for warm days and convivial gatherings.

Experience the Journey
Indulge in the essence of Rota Das Naus Vinho Verde as it captivates your senses with its lively character and revitalizing attributes.


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